tending your healing voice with color, light, and humor


I have been involved in the healing arts for over 30 years. It has been a wondrous adventure of consciousness expansion and spiritual growth.  At the same time, my focus became refined when introduced to vocal healing practices. All I can say is that being involved in the healing arts has opened my heart to embrace life! Rainbow Singer blog is intended to bring a playful spirit to liberating and cultivating your healing voice. Begin with loving your voice even if you think you can’t sing! Just keep singing. As with learning any instrument, the voice requires practice.

Most people are not familiar with microtonal singing. Until I add sound to the blog, you are invited to listen to and sing with a free eSeminar: Essentials of Microtonal Singing. The eSeminar link is at the top of this page.

Please feel free to comment on the posts. I would love to hear from you.


Copyright © 2012 and beyond. Linda L. Nielsen, Ph.D. All rights reserved.


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